2009 Historian Pinot Noir

2009 Historian Pinot Noir


From bloom to glass every year is full of stories. As a winemaker, I must choose which tale to tell in each bottle. So I wait and let the wine show me its story. Some wines are eager to be consumed as a table wine. Others highlight very small and special geographical areas. Still others speak of the vintage to which they are born.

The Historian is a bottle that expresses the vintage. In 2009 we experienced record-breaking highs early in the summer. This heat tortured many vines creating bold aromatics and ripe flavors. These grapes, from the Yamhill-Carlton AVA, highlight this weather phenomenon. The resulting wine has a strong backbone. Its rich flavors are masculine, dominating the pallet. Be well and enjoy. 48 cases produced.

2009 Historian Tatster Notes